The company Electro-Team was founded by 5 people, 3 electricians and 2 metal workers, who developed their experience in the shipbuilding industry in Gdynia Shipyard SA. But, in spite of the financial difficulties of this shipyard and concerns over our own future we decided as a harmonious “TEAM” to go abroad for a proverbial contract of work in the international shipyards. Our journey has taken over 2 years. We have been in the shipyards of Germany, Portugal, Italy, Singapore, Norway, Sweden, Finland, USA, Holland and England. We learned to understand the foreign markets, their needs and requirements, developing a formidable reputation of which we are now reaping the benefits with a constant flow of signed contracts.

The next stages of our company’s development were works carried out at the Repair Shipyard in Gdansk. There, under the wing of another big electrical company we had to perform the rebuild of the drilling platform BRADFORD DOLFHIN. During this period our company workforce grew to approximately 20 persons – electricians and metal workers. Our next challenge was to add a “NitroGen Gas” system and new electrical generators on the tankers BRO PREMIUM and BRO PROMOTION. The quantity and quality of our personnel continued to grow fueled by the influx of the best industry professionals. Young apprentices carry out their training under the constantly watchful eye of our more experienced Electro-fitters.

The biggest project performed by Electro-Team to date was in 2007 carrying out works on the multi-purpose ship AURA for the Finnish ship-owner MERIEAURA. This contract taught us much about organization and team work. There were 20 welders working on the ship’s construction, who installed all the cable ducts and formed all the supports and reinforcement for the electrical equipment. There were 90 km of electrical cables to be installed, on which 40 electricians worked. The building of the ship AURA, after many a struggle with the construction office and materials’ suppliers whose services were essential for the punctual completion of this task, was brought to a successful conclusion. In 2008 the majority of our energy has been directed at the Scandinavian shipyards. Since January, 25 electricians have been involved in works at a Swedish shipyard, toward the rebuilding of a Ro-Ro ship that transports paper to the exploratory ship “OHM LEADER”. At the same time we have signed a contract with a Norwegian shipyard to equip their ships with electrical plant including the installation of the necessary cable runs.